The Interviewee on BBC Blast Creates video now online!

It has been a week of anniversaries for us at Studio 279. Recently our post celebrating the first anniversary of The Interviewee shoot gave a rundown of how the project happened and gave an insight into the shoot. If I’m not much mistaken, the 2nd October was the year anniversary of the finished edit, with the 5th marking the year passing of the sound mix, and today, the 7th, being the day the whole thing was colour corrected and so completely completed. Quite a year!

As there is very little to say about the post production process of much interest, except to say the team at the Birmingham Drama Village did a fantastic job, we’re jumping the gun slightly to mark another milestone. The 18th October last year was the World Premiere of The Interviewee when it was screened at BAFTA’s Piccadilly Street Headquarters in London. To mark the impending occasion and with kind permission of BBC Blast we have posted edited highlights of the BBC Blast Creates programme recorded at the premiere online. It shows behind the scenes footage of the shoot, a brief interview with myself and Radio 1’s Film Critic James King’s opinion of the film and the auteur who made it.

Take a look at Studio 279 and let us know what you think.