Graduate Decline: Coming soon from Studio 279!

With the news of the past few days that tuition fees are set to rise, and an almighty political brouhaha a-brewing about higher education cuts in the UK, it seems our very current satirical short about the higher education system just got even currenter. That short is called Graduate Decline. It is in post production now, and should be finished very soon.

Set in a world where education has been devalued, graduated students with no hope of work are forced to beg for money, food and jobs on the streets, all the while still wearing their tattered graduation robes. The film is my response to the graduate unemployment crisis of recent times, and is equally applicable to cuts, debts and other issues surrounding higher education in Britain today. It was shot at the end of August and is more relevant now than it was then.

As the piece is still to be edited we have little to show you. That is, except for these exquisite behind the scenes snaps by our good friends Dale O’Keeffe at Living Proof Films and Neil Iwanicki A.K.A Grandpa Neil. They can be perused on our flickr Photostream, so take a gander. We’ll keep you posted on the film as it progresses

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