Cut Cut Cut!

On the day the coalition government unveils the spending cuts in the Comprehensive Spending Review, we’ll use this talk of cuts to increase (see what we did there?) our discussion about the latest Studio 279 short Graduate Decline. It is currently in post production (or the ‘Cutting’ room-we could work in the tabloids!) but is looking very fine indeed and and should be finished within the next week or so.

We have already discussed the film on the Studio 279 News Blog before, but on this day of economic doom and uncertainty it seems fitting to bring it up again. We also have these two pretty photos taken during production to better illustrate the project. These were taken by the very talented Neil Iwanicki A.K.A Grandpa Neil. They, along with all the other behind the scenes snaps, can be perused on our flickr Photostream, so take a peek now. More updates on the film as it progresses