Shameless Teasing of New Film: First Script Draft Completed

The word ‘soon’ is used too often on the Studio 279 News Blog. For those of you who have been following closely, there have been several false dawns with things we have claimed will arrive soon, and have yet to be delivered. This is for a variety of reasons, from technical issues to scheduling conflicts, to that thief of time, laziness. In short, we are starting to look about as trustworthy as a Lib Dem campaign pledge. Week old satire! Oh, snap!

So it is with some trepidation we report that of all the projects we have percolating away like a fine Italian coffee, one has bubbled up to the surface. The first draft of the latest Studio 279 script is done, and while there’s a long way to go yet, it certainly shows promise, although as Raindance Film Festival’s Elliot Grove points out, maybe that’s not something we should go around saying.

So what is it, I hear no one ask. The script in question is a horror spoof in the vein of John Carpenter’s Christine, with more than a liberal theft from John Carpenter’s The Thing. A fairly late convert to the man’s oeuvre, a recent Carpenter binge on Lovefilm (or to avoid partisan loyalties or sell out accusations, ‘internet based DVD rental services’ ) has revealed to me the delights his stripped down, no-nonsense approach to horror. And rather than making the questionable decision to remake one of his most famous works (a decision that doesn’t seem to be working out too well) we’ve taken a Carpenteresque, or perhaps Carpenterian, approach to an original idea.

While two of my personal Carpenter favourites are Starman and Big Trouble in Little China, at the lighter/wackier end of his career spectrum, this film will cleave closer to his horror work, the ne plus ultra being The Thing, but with a central conceit very close to Christine. That film, based on the novel by Stephen King, tells the story of a malevolent car who possesses its owner and goes on a murderous rampage. While we want to play our hand close to our chest for the time being, our film will take a slightly similar course, focussing instead on a household appliance. We’re not telling you which one for now. You’ll have to wait. Oh, go on then, it’s… SPOILER DELETED!

While the word ‘spoof’ will make the internet shudder at the memory of the ‘Movie’ movies’ abuse of that term, this will be more homage than ‘guess which films we watched’ checklist ticking. While the film itself is unlikely to be genuinely scary (face it: how many household appliances scared you today?) we’ll be approaching the subject matter with a straight bat, hopefully making it effective and humorous. We’re not pledging anything there as we may look stupid afterwards, but that’s what we’re going for anyway.

Stay tuned for more about the project when it picks up steam, anywhere between now and next Christmas. Feel free to speculate as to what appliance it may be in the comments.

*Disclaimer: Please Note- guessing the correct appliance will not result in winning said appliance.*

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