Dem Liberal With The Truth, Plus Some Film Stuff

It looks like our old friends the Lib Dems are being somewhat Liberal with the Dem truth (har har!). While we’re not trying to turn this into a political blog (we’re trying to run a respectable film outlet here, thank you very much) it is hard to stay out of the mire when senior party bigwigs come out saying such things as they haven’t betrayed anybody, you ungrateful proles, or that students should shut their faces and just listen to quite how they’ve been sent down river by Clegger et al before exercising their right to protest about it. The nerve of some people! You think when people voted for the Clegg (or El Cleggerino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing) and when they heard from his own lips that they would oppose, vote against and campaign against tuition fee rises, he might have actually meant it. But then again, this isn’t really a serious matter. It’s not like how many people he’s slept with for instance: matters like that need the full, horrifying truth

But we digress. Once again this rather disingenuous talk from our Lib Dem overlords isn’t helping a fairly prickly problem get all the thornier. Instead, they have lobbed a Mrs Tiggiwinkle style hand grenade into the mix. Most right-minded people (and contrary to popular belief, students are, in the main, mostly right-minded people) would accept something has to be done in the wake of the financial crises of the past few years. But after being told by the Dems they’d oppose it, and that there was a ‘different kind of politics’ and a lot of other nonsense, they voted for it and believed it. Most of these protests are really about what’s fair and what’s not, rather than as Vince Cable said that ‘most of them dunno what they’re on abaaat, the slaaaaags!’ (mockney accent impersonated) moaning simply because as it will just affect them. There is something rotten in the state of Denmark, or university education, and it is sensible discussion that is needed really, rather than essentially name calling.

It wouldn’t really be a Studio 279 News blog post without a little bit of self-serving pluggerage, and here that takes the form of banging the drum for Graduate Decline. The first edit pass is completed, and will be ready soon enough. We are hoping to get the film some wider attention, focusing as it does on dissatisfaction with the higher education system, and feel that local universities and their students might be able to appreciate what we’re saying. We are pursuing this at the minute, but if you have any suggestions about how to get the film more widely seen, drop us a line in the comments, through the Studio 279 website’s contact us feature or email us at

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