Graduate Decline: An Image To Warm One's Hardened Hearts

To commemorate the day when university education and the Lib Dems chances at the next election both go up in flames (and if you count the violence, them fires too) here is a brand new properly special fx’d frame from our very forthcoming indeed Graduate Decline. In this still, a student (ably played by Neil Iwanicki) warms himself and his graduated buddies by putting his degree on the fire. Provocative, no?

Cette image, tres symbolique, non?
As the futures of many were being drastically altered by, in this writer’s view, poorly conceived plans and weak willed abstentions (it is doubtful the MPs that did so will be thanked for taking no stand on the issue, rather than having the courage of their convictions one way or the other), myself and the marvellous Dale O’Keefe were finalising the edit and were specialling our effects. All that really remains is sound effects, music and end credits. I’d say it’d be ready for your eyes soon, but that would be a progressive policy that would better the lives of many. I think I said that right…