Another Graduate Decline Teaser

This is a prop from the much discussed, often delayed, this-time-we’re-fairly-sure-it’s-soon-to-be-completed short Graduate Decline. It also serves as a sneaky teaser to give you good people a sense of what we’re aiming for.

2 enter, 1 leaves!

The poster relates to the final act of the short, where a Thunderdome style fight for an available job takes place between two young graduates. The Western-ness of the poster comes partly from the Sergio Leone-esque duel going on (although with different weapons than six shooters, as you shall soon see…) and also due to my current addiction to Red Dead Redemption and anticipation of the Coen Brothers’ True Grit. Plus, it just looks cool.

We are happy to report that the final edit is done and dusted, barring minor cosmetic tweaks, after a hefty edit session last Thursday. Special FX shots finished, colour correction done. We have secured a spectacular song from a great band to accompany the film and all that remains is sound effects, which I am just about to record. Hopefully you shall see the finished film very soon.

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