Graduate Decline Finally Finished: Online Soon!

Studio 279 is extremely ecstatic to announce that our most recent short film project Graduate Decline is finally well and truly finished! Drinks all round! (Disclaimer: actual drinks may not exist other than to illustrate current happiness)

Those among you who have time and time again heard us mouth off about how the film will soon be ready should be justly sceptical. But just as a broken clock is right twice a day we’ve got this one spot on. It is indeed finished, and a hard slog it has been too. That marathon has been lightened emphatically by the excellent work of our editor (and the film’s cinematographer) Dale O’Keeffe, the kindness shown by the wonderful folks from Black Bears in allowing us to use one of their greatalicious songs, and of course the exemplary performances of the thespians of the piece, Christina Kruzewski, Neil Iwanicki, Clare Phillips and Anthony Crutch. And me obviously, but that goes without saying.

A more extensive write-up about the film will arrive when it hits the nets. Keep your eyes peeled for the film via our website, our Youtube channel, or here on the Studio 279 News Blog.

Hooray, it's finished!

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