Happy 115th Birthday, Cinema!

Today is a momentous anniversary in the history of film. 115 years ago two brothers, Auguste and Louis Lumière, charged admission for the very first public screening of motion pictures, flicks, or, as we now call them, films. December 28th 1895 saw the two cinema pioneers screen ten short films at the Salon Indien du Grand Café in Paris. While they had shown their films to an audience before, the charging of what the French call l’argent to see their filmed work made this the first commercial film screening. Along with many of the innovations of the medium, had these two not come along, the landscape of film would doubtless be very different, and people such as myself would be nowhere. So to celebrate this milestone, here is a fairly disrespectful picture of the two great men with painted on party hats and party blowers.

Happy Birthday, Cinema!
To show them the more appropriate level of respect as fathers of film, here is a poster of their show at the Salon Indien Dy Grand Cafe.

That's more like it!

Bon Anniversaire, Cinema!