Graduate Decline Seen by NUS President Aaron Porter

Technology is, naturally, a funny thing, but occasionally it becomes something of a boon. Using a device referred to as “Twitter” yesterday I was able to reach a different audience than had previously been the case for Graduate Decline. All it took was one tweet, and this was the response I received:

“A satirical short film about UK higher education from a young filmmaker (via @studio279)

Who was that tweet from? None other than Aaron Porter, President of the National Union of Students himself.

Since Mr Porter’s retweet the films views on Youtube have shot up by almost double. That means in two days more people have seen the film than in the previous two weeks. A massive thank you to Aaron Porter for the leg up and good luck to him and all at the NUS in their work at the present dark time for students.

If you are not one of the happy few who has seen our magnum opus yet, have a butchers, and let us know what you think: