Film Funding Applications: Not Good News, I’m Afraid!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that it is imprudent to count your chickens before they have hatched, particularly wise in this Easter season, associated with the birthing of many an egg based fowl. In our case we seldom even accept that we have chickens in any case until told otherwise, which in addition to preventing us from getting carried away too much would also make us lousy farmers. It is for that reason we are unsurprised, but no less disappointed, to discover that the short film funding we mentioned last month has not wended its merry way to us.

For those of you who do not recall the people at Ideas Tap, a non-profit group offering various support and opportunities to young creatives, accepted submissions for their IdeasFund Shorts scheme, with £5000 available for the chosen projects. The shortlisting process has been concluded and unfortunately none of our four applications made the grade on this occasion. This means, alas, that those projects, the John Carpenter inspired horror comedy, the Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett inspired green screen and sketch background film noir, the space set science fiction short or the Tim Burton-esque fairy story, will not benefit from the moolah on offer.

Are we disappointed? Absolutely. We’re passionate about each of the projects, and hoped one of them might get a shot at the title, particularly the first two as they are closest to our hearts (but don’t tell the other films; they will bicker so). But there’s no disgrace in not making the next stage. There were a staggering 490 entries in total, and with less than 20 shortlist places, we had only about a 4% chance of doing so anyway. And just because they weren’t right for this funding, it doesn’t mean they’re not good ideas. We’ll keep at it, and hope to turn one of them into something practical soon. As we said last time out, we’ll be looking to make these films with or without the greenback, and, to paraphrase Futurama’s Bender, “We’ll make our own short film, with blackjack, and hookers. In fact, forget the short film!” although in less ribald and robust terms. Besides, there are other competitions out there right now we are looking to enter, and we wrote a new script just the other day. We have many irons in the fire, and several fires to put out, but we’ll be fine.

Good luck to all those shortlisted films and thanks to IdeasTap for entertaining our harebrained schemes for the slightest moment. Keep up the good work!