Triumph and Disaster: Treating Those Two Imposters Just The Same

Casual viewers may have noticed a certain lethargy creeping into these blog posts. Namely, that there haven’t been any. With little to report thus far another abortive attempt was made at a review, but somehow the words to give shape to our animosity to Attack the Block would not come. So this is very much an information dump about a triumphant and disastrous twenty-four hours, to paraphrase Kipling (but not his exceedingly good cakes). Fortunately, the disasters, though manifold, are not that disastrous, and the triumph is pretty triumphant for our money. And so, to the info…

For those of you who follow the football, disaster the first was the relegation from the Premier League of Studio 279’s favourite team, Birmingham City (the blue in the logo didn’t come from nowhere, you know). This was pretty infuriating, but as when Homer Simpson found poison blowfish was due to kill him, the stages of grief (denial, anger, fear, bargaining and acceptance) came soon afterwards, as it has happened several times before. Nothing catastrophic, but it felt pertinent to mention it.

The second is a tad more relevant to the matter at hand, i.e. films. Recently we entered the Limelight Film and Arts Awards, an awards scheme targeting creative young people in various film and arts disciplines. We sent them Graduate Decline for their consideration, but unfortunately it was not one of the lucky few selected. Whilst naturally disappointed we couldn’t be considered for the awards proper we’re grateful to the Limelight people for giving us a shot, and I’m sure the actual nominees will deservedly duke it out for the top gongs. Visit their website to see the successfully nominated films and the work the fine folks do over there.

Also, our short story writing prowess is clearly minimal at best. Our entry to the IdeasTap Short Story competition was not one of the lucky three overall winners this time out. The theme was discovery, and our piece remained undiscovered by the judges. Frankly, our attempt wasn’t very good, unless you confuse topicality with writing quality (it was about an errant celebrity’s imminent exposure as a philanderer when his injunction was lifted, told from the viewpoint of the naughty celeb) but it was nice to write something and submit it. If you’re of a creative persuasion head over to IdeasTap to promote your arty, writery or filmy wares.

So, amidst all those minor overhyped setbacks what are these alleged triumphs? Well today was this writer’s training day for the BBC Birmingham Vision Intake Pool as a Runner. While this doesn’t affect Studio 279 a jot in any real sense on a personal level it’s kind of a big deal and one that will hopefully be the first step on the media ladder. In addition to this on Wednesday we will be attending the Producers’ Forum Speed Networking event at MAC in Birmingham. It promises to be an entertaining evening that may allow us to rub shoulders with some helpful people within the industry and make some useful contacts. And on Thursday we may be helping out our good friends at Living Proof Films with a filming project in central Birmingham. More than enough goodness to be going on with there, really.

Until the next time, fellow travellers…