Channel 4’s Coming Up Scheme Application: Fingers Crossed!

A wise man (or woman) once said “you have to buy a ticket to win the lottery.” Whilst “lottery” can be easily substituted for “raffle”, “tombola” or some other similar game of car boot related chance, it is a sentiment of which we heartily approve. It has served us well in the past, with both our BBC Blast Comedy Bursary and our RTS Midlands nominations dependent for our daring and cleverness in actually sending off to said same in the first place. So, with crossed fingers (making typing both painful and inaccurate) we have submitted ourselves for consideration for Channel 4 and Touchpaper TV’s Coming Up 2012 scheme.

Coming Up gives emerging filmmakers in the UK the chance to make an authored drama with a guaranteed network broadcast. In it’s tenth year, it is currently the only scheme of its type taking such a punt on new film talent. The scheme, commissioned by Channel 4 and produced by the folks at Touchpaper TV, who also make Being Human for the BBC, will lead to the creation of seven films of thirty minutes in length, each that will be in some way eye catching, bold and challenging. Let’s just hope they see all those things and more when they look at our submission.

Applications are welcomed from writers, directors, and writer/directors. This gave left us in a Laurel and Hardy sanctioned ‘another fine mess’; all three be we. In the end, we plumped for the director category alone. A wrenching choice, as our ultimate aim to be a writer/director of film would be well served with such a credit on a C4 bit o’gold. But to avoid Bilbo Baggins’ fate in Lord of the Rings of feeling “thin…like butter scraped over too much bread” we focussed on our baseball cap wearing beardiness in the directing specialism. To do this, a detailed director’s biography and a DVD containing full examples of our work to date was required. That DVD, containing all the films viewable on the Studio 279 website, was completed by the extremely gifted post production wizards at Fullrange in Digbeth. It is now in the post, flying south to London to meet the approval (or otherwise) of the selection team. Unfortunately, only now did we see that the original deadline of Thursday 9th June been moved back to Tuesday 28th June. D’oh! Better late than never, however, and hopefully the extra three weeks of silent prayers, wishes and vague karmic threats will help our cause.

So if you would be so kind, cross every digit, eye, strand of hair possible and use the power of positive thought to get us selected. Or, alternatively, if you have yet to do so make your way to the film page and watch each of the five films we have submitted for Touchpaper and C4’s approval. We will let you know how we get on in the event we are one of their Magnificent Seven.