Reminder: Graduate Decline Still Showing on BBC Birmingham Big Screen!

Less than a week from today, at around 12pm on Saturday 1st October you will be able to soothe the inevitable pain you have received from pinch-punch-first-of-the-month by laughing yourselves silly (or at least tickle yourself pink) at Graduate Decline on the BBC Birmingham Big Screen!

The film has been showing on the BBC Birmingham Big Screen in Victoria Square for over a month, but as of yet we ourselves have yet to see it in its embiggened glory. Our only attempt to do so last week ended in disaster when we discovered the screen was being used by a well-known local chocolate manufacturer (go on, guess which one) for an interactive event and so our journey was rather wasted. This may well be our final opportunity to catch it on the jumbotron, as the playlist is reshuffled to give other filmmakers the chance of seeing their excellent work play to a square full of people. So, in short, we must go. And if you haven’t seen it there yet, removing your cruel, cruel daggers from our poor innocent hearts, why, you must come too.

The film is playing in the curated slot on Saturday 1st October from 12pm. While it has been playing round the clock, this is the only time you can be sure it will play. If you don’t want to miss it, come down to Birmingham city centre’s Victoria Square and grab yourself a seat, either on the Floozy in the Jacuzzi fountain or on, you know, a bench. It, along with a bunch of other wonderous short films from the region, will then proceed to make your Saturday. If there’s a change of plan, i.e. another takeover by a sweets conglomerate, we’ll be sure to let you know, but please come down and show us your continued and lovely support.

P.S. We know we’re thumping the tub for these old projects pretty hard. We’re hoping to have some new ones to crow about soon enough. Thanks for your patience (and not hitting us)