Graduate Decline on BBC Birmingham Big Screen: Complete With Pictures

As the UK bathes itself in unseasonable warmth, with rays of positivity as bright as the October sunshine emanating all around in this glorious bonus summer (or Summer 2: Autumn Boogaloo if you prefer), we have something cool to show you. For today, alongside those mad dogs and Englishmen, we went out into the noonday sun to watch our satirical short film Graduate Decline shown on the BBC Birmingham Big Screen.

The film has been playing in Victoria Square for some time, but with our busy schedules this was the first opportunity we had to see our handiwork on a giant telly in the middle of town. And to preserve the moment for posterity, we took the liberty of pirating our own film. Well, not really; just taking a few select snaps using our trusty digital camera (after all, piracy’s wrong kids). For all those who weren’t sat beside the gushing torrents of the Floozy in the Jacuzzi fountain, here is what you missed:

It really is an odd feeling seeing your work shown larger than life, and while its one we here at Studio 279 have a lot of experience of (from being premiered at BAFTA, shown at film festivals and on TV) it is still not something we are exactly used to. Hopefully the novelty of having work on the big screen will never wear off. Otherwise it’ll mean we’ve changed, man! We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to the BBC Big Screen Birmingham team, particularly Jo Willis, who has been extremely helpful throughout, from fielding queries when we submitted the film to her kind words when it was selected. A renewed muchos gracias to all who helped make the film: cinematographer Dale O’Keeffe, Birmingham minstrels and songbirds Black Bears and actors Christina KruzewskiNeil Iwanicki, Clare Phillips and Anthony Crutch. It remains now as much as when it was shot, very much appreciated.

If you would like to read more about Graduate Decline, read this post recounting its creation. And if you couldn’t get into Birmingham city centre or were enjoying the gorgeous weather, or can’t be bothered to head to our films page, just for you, watch it right here, right now:

NOTE: Stupidly this post was published yesterday without the video embed. Happily corrected!