We Are Now On IMDB!

This calls for a celebration! Today being this writer’s birthday (why, thank you!) we could not have received a better present in the form of the new IMDB entry for our RTS Midlands Award nominated film The Interviewee!

After many years in the wilderness, without an Internet Movie Database entry to call our own, like the proverbial buses two came along at once. Our work on the upcoming feature film Passengers which we told you about recently enabled us to receive a credit as Miscellaneous Crew, in this case, as a runner. When the credit was rubber stamped, we were anointed as David Poole (XII), which made us feel very grand. Papal, almost (or possibly like a King in pre-revolutionary France) Once we had this, we felt it was high time we gave The Interviewee the credit it deserves, bearing in mind it has been broadcast on national television and premiered at the swanky BAFTA headquarters in London. We added our credits as director and writer, supplied the database with appropriate links to this very site, and completed the credits of the cast and crew. Currently the rest of the crew entries have not been added, which is slightly frustrating, but now the film now sits snugly in the pantheon of film greats (and turkeys) they will surely appear soon enough.

As a user of the Internet Movie Database for over ten years, since the days of Y7 IT lessons when we had to use it to calculate something filmy for a purpose long since forgotten, there is something exciting about seeing ones name and work officially official on the site. Just like seeing the credits of your film roll on the big screen, or at the end of a television show, both phenomena we have been fortunate to experience in the past few years, there is something eminently gratifying about seeing it all there in black and white. With any luck The Interviewee will soon be joined by more of our work, as we hope to launch a fresh slate of projects in the new year (time permitting). Hopefully we shall soon rocket up the David Poole register, working backwards through the regnal numbers to become the ultimate, supreme and unchallenged David Poole (I), before whom the others shall bow down, sing praises of and throw pretty flowers. We can dream, can’t we?

Stay tuned to Studio 279 for news on our forthcoming slate. We have loads of new ideas and hope 2012 will be a big year for us. But for now, make sure you watch the IMDB approved The Interviewee.