Sky Arts/IdeasTap Funding Application Submitted: Wish Us Luck!

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Like much of the world’s received wisdom, that statement has plenty of wiseness in it. And so despite our previous try, tries coming to naught, we’re an optimistic lot, and are enthusiastically embracing the third option: trying once again.

Back in September we told you we had applied for the Sky Arts Ignition Futures Fund in association with IdeasTap. Those patrons of the arts were offering the chance for creative folks aged 18-30 from varied disciplines, running the gamut from theatre, art, film and more, to win £30,000 of funding to put towards their creative work for a whole year. An exciting possibility, we thought. We felt the funding would be perfect to get a cherished project of ours, a film noir web series, off the ground. Sadly we were not successful that time round. But with the seconds out for round two of the scheme, we dusted ourselves down, got back off the ropes and came out swinging. We hope we will be able to get some good jabs in, and maybe score a knock out in the process. If not, we might just have to flee to Vegas.

The series is set in the fictional American city of San Chiaroscuro. The lead character, known only as The PI, returns to the sordid berg to track down a missing heiress. From there the planned six part series will focus on the different cases that cross The PI’s desk, and key episodes from the city’s dark and murky past. The series will use green screen technology and hand drawn backgrounds to bring the metropolis to life, creating a graphical and visually exciting look to go with the hard boiled stories. We have spent the past few weeks giving scripts extra polish, sketching location designs, and generally grappling with the application paperwork. We had hoped to shoot a specially conceived trailer to furnish and burnish our application, but sadly owing to unforeseen circumstances we had to shelve that after much hard graft. But after much careful thought our application is clearer, punchier and more passionate than before, so as we sent it off before the window slams shut tomorrow (24th February) at 5pm, we wish it all the very best.

And now, with our fortunes in the lap of the gods, we wait. Once the deadline passes the IdeasTap people will have to trawl through hundreds of well deserving projects’ application forms and supporting material portfolios (over two hundred and sixty by the last count, a total certain to shoot up in the next 24 hours). Next they draw up a shortlist is drawn up of the best and brightest prospects, with a scheduled fight to the death pitch to the judges to prove they are worthy of the soon to be showered riches. Those talented individuals will then be granted the thirty thousand smackers to create their magnum opus and set their careers on an amazing path. Good luck to all who apply! (Especially us!)

We hope we have a better shot at the jackpot this time out. In the last round only two applicants out of a staggering eight hundred and sixty four were successful, whereas for this round, three projects will be selected. The current number of applicants is far below round one’s (us arty types sure do leave things to the last minute!) but we have a statistically better chance as things stand. Whilst that probably means very little, we will cross our fingers, wish upon stars, pick all the four leaf clovers we can find and avoid walking under ladders like the plague, all on the off chance they judge us one of the lucky few deserving of that once in a lifetime opportunity. If not, back to the drawing board we shall merry well go.

Thanks again to the team at IdeasTap for their continued support of young artists like ourselves, and Sky Arts for opening their wallets in a cash strapped time. Best of luck to all! And just as a treat to you, our loyal subjects, here is a storyboard from the first episode, so you can see what we’re going for. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest on all our projects!