Music Video Shoot Tomorrow: Black Bears ’48’

This week we all woke up to that most exciting of things: a bonus day. Wednesday’s Leap Day gave us all one more day to do some exciting, boring, thrilling or banal. There’s nothing like an extra day. My watch went one better, as due to a quirk with its workings (it assumes every month has 31 days, until you tell it otherwise) the first of the month was every so briefly the 30th February. Imagine the possibilities! We were also blessed with gorgeous spring weather to usher in the new month, so with all this positivity, warmth and talk of leaps in the air, this weekend we are taking a big one. We a shooting our first music video!

The band in question are talented quartet Black Bears. A currently unsigned outfit based in our native Birmingham, they specialise in dark and heady mixture of Progressive and Alternative Rock, with some flourishes of psychedelia and modern grooves thrown in for good measure. The band are made up of the vocals and guitar of Mr Patrick Sutton (above, far right), the smooth bass of Mr Luke Dolan (above, centre left), the synth, keys, guitar and vocals of Mr Anthony Harper (above, far left) and the scarily rhythmic and propulsive drums of Mr Mark Keating (above centre right). (Photo copyright Connar O’Keeffe) They really are the bee’s knees, elbows and other jointed parts, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to finally be rolling on a video for them. This has been in the works for quite some time (we have been trying to crack this nut since there were only three Bears) but due to a variety of scheduling mismatches the stars have never aligned. Until now! We are at last in a go position, and will be shooting a video for the band’s forthcoming track, ’48.

We hope to have some photos up from the shoot as soon as possible, with the finished video to be online later in the month. Until then, we suggest you bone up on your Black Bears by giving their good old music a listen, either on their website or Facebook band page. And also make sure you check out ace photographer Connar O’Keeffe’s stunning photos on his site. If you think the shot above cuts the mustard, he has a whole metaphorical cupboard of Dijon waiting for you. What gifted people we surround ourselves with!

Have yourselves a great weekend, we know we will!