Music Video Write Up

First of all, an apology. In our post on Friday, we signed off by saying we hoped to have some photos from the shoot to show you all. Well, we do, but this one above is it. We were so focussed on shooting the video itself this was the only snap we had time to take, and candid/blurry at that. Fortunately the band themselves took a whole raft of their own pictures, so we shall link you to them in due course. Now we have got that mea culpa out of the way, we felt it best to give you a brief rundown of how we got on over the weekend.

In short, very well. The shoot went excellently, with all the band in fine fettle, and all with great ideas how to improve the video. We managed to grab some great shots, including some vertiginous sequences filmed from a cherry picker type cage contraption. This writer managed to put aside a fear of heights to snag the shots in question, despite clinging to the sides, and the camera, for dear life. We also had to climb a rather rickety ladder for some lovely wide angles, meaning the shoot often resembled a kind of obstacle course. The things we do for our craft! A physically demanding experience to be sure, with several pulled muscles, aches and twinges to our name. But all the effort will be worth it once the video is finally edited.

That process now begins in earnest, digging through the hours of footage and chipping away at it until we are left with a beautiful and flawless music video shaped diamond. Though we make no guarantees, we hope to have the final product online very soon. But until then, if you haven’t already, appraise yourself of the musical stylings of our subjects, Black Bears. A fine act, to be sure, with insanely catchy and fantastically played tracks as standard. Their latest and videofied one, ’48, will be no exception. One of the highlights of the shoot was hearing it many times over, and you will surely love it.

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