Music Video Update: So Far So Good!

We have been rather silent with regards to the blogosphere of late, so we thought it best to update you all in order to assert we are still alive, and that you can’t go round divvying up our stuff just yet, thank you very much. We have been shrinking from our bloggy duties as we have been busying ourselves with our music video for exciting unsigned Birmingham band Black Bears. We turned in our assembly cut earlier in the week and received the band’s feedback on the work so far. And the good news is we’re all pretty happy so far!

The first cut, whilst in many ways a ramshackle beast, has met the broad approval of the band (and us, but then we would say that) which we will now work on afresh armed with their notes. We will give special attention to the opening, which we are very much looking forward to reworking, and now that we have got the broad strokes of the video nailed down the next cut can have much greater finesse. With the wealth of spectacular footage we have in the can that should be a relatively easy task.

To that end and as a thank you to our loyal followers for their patience, we present to you the above screen grab to give you a small taster of what that footage looks like. There you will see the exceedingly talented Anthony Harper, guitarist extraordinaire, standing apart from his equally awesomely gifted bandmates, in one of our more spiffy sequences. While there is plenty of tinkering left to be done with colour correction and whatnot, we’re sure you’ll agree this looks pretty fab, and we’re certain the rest of the video will too.

Stay tuned to the site for more updates on the video when they arrive. We hope to have it completed within the next month or so, but you can read all about its progress here. Until then give the Black Bears Facebook page a look, where you will find brand new behind the scenes images of the shoot, including of our good selves shooting from high atop a forklift cage. Make sure you check out the Black Bears website too, and our new timelined page too while you’re at it!