Music Video Update: Picture Lock Completed, And Listen To The Song!

Hello all! We have been hard at work at the music video coal face recently, explaining our recent blogosilence. It has been almost a month since we last updated you about our progress , which should tell you how seriously we’ve been taking our first ever music video, which we have shot for the obscenely talented Birmingham quartet Black Bears. Back then we had just turned in our first assembly cut and received the verdict. And now we are happy to say that we have completed the picture lock of the video and it should be ready to view very soon! Isn’t that exciting?

The most recent cut has now been signed off by the band, meaning we have but one crucial task remaining; colour correction. Now the heavy lifting has been done and we have a video we are all pleased with, we need to make sure the finished product will be one hundred percent perfect. Whilst the video looks fantastic as it stands (as you can see for yourself from this new still of the fabulous foursome) we need to give the whole piece a lovely unified and cohesive look throughout. Once this task is completed, the video will be ready, and you will be able to feast your eyes on all our endeavours.

What’s that? You can’t wait that long? Well, in that case you’ll just have to listen to the track instead, won’t you? The song, entitled ’48, is now available to download from the Black Bears website. Head over there now to download the track for free. You’ll be glad you did. And if you haven’t already give the Black Bears Facebook page a like for all their latest news and to let them know how much you dig their new single.

Meanwhile stay tuned for more updates regarding the video’s launch. We hope to have it completed soon enough. Or keep up to date by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter!