’48 Submitted To BBC Music Video Festival

We are very excited to announce we have just submitted our most recent project, our music video Black Bears – ’48, to the BBC Music Video Festival! We have sent off our completed application form, crossing every ‘t’ and dotting every ‘i’, along with the video itself, and are very hopeful they will like what they see.

So, what is the BBC Music Video Festival? It gives new musicians and filmmakers a chance to have their their music videos screened nationwide alongside some of the biggest music promos of the year. It is currently the UK’s only dedicated music video festival, showcasing the best of the year’s music on some of the largest public screens in Britain. The festival takes place all over the country on BBC Big Screens (which have served us well in the past) and at special events in Norwich and London. So what better opportunity could we ask for in regards to our first music video? We will be crossing our fingers that the powers that be look kindly on our submission. A big thanks to all the folks at the BBC Music Video Festival for all their support and dealing with our various application queries. We’ll let you if we prove successful if and when we hear it.

Not seen the video yet? Well then have a look below and see what you think!