Film4 Scene Stealers Shortlist Announced: We’re Not On It

Do not rejoice at that news. Last week we unveiled our latest project The Iron Lady, our entry into the Film4 Scene Stealers competition. For those who don’t know, the good people at Film4, to celebrate their 30th birthday, invited participants to remake a scene from one of their many auspicious productions, putting a new and original spin on it in the process. After a week of impatient waiting, the verdict is in. The shortlist of the competition has been announced today, and we are very sorry to say that we are not on it.

Thirty films made were selected for the first part of the judging process, and our take on The Iron Lady, a comedic spin that utilised the original’s flashback structure to spoof the film and the iconography of Margaret Thatcher, was not among them. Naturally, we are very disappointed. We were extremely pleased with our submission and felt it had a good chance of making the list, as we were confident it fulfilled the criteria of being a new and original spin on the source, and, we thought, was damn funny.

But as we are so happy with the finished product, and overjoyed that we had the opportunity to make it and share it with the world, this is not a bitter screed nor sour grapes harrumphing. We would like to thank those fine folks at Film4 for laying on such a fantastic competition for the likes of us to enter. We really hope they do something similar next year, even if the specific reasoning behind the contest will not remain (you can only be thirty once, after all!) We would also like to extend our congratulations to the shortlisted films and filmmakers (which can be viewed here) and wish them the very best of luck in their pursuit of the coveted grand prize: a development deal and £5000 budget for a brand new short film.

We would also like to thank you fine folks for supporting the film. In the week since it was uploaded The Iron Lady has clocked up almost 200 views. That may not sound like a lot to some, but it is to us: it is the fastest of our films to reach such a viewing peak, so bless each of your cotton socks, and thanks for watching! For those who haven’t seen it yet, then be our guests and watch on our film page, or right here instead:

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    1. Whoops, no, that’s a typo. We are indeed not on the shortlist, but there’s a not not in that sentence when it should be. Thanks for the heads up!

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