Watch Our Latest Film, The Dark Knight Rises!

We have been silent as the grave so far in 2013, for which we apologise. We have been extremely busy working on a range of exciting new projects we will hope to bring you news of very soon. We have just completed a science fiction piece depicting the integration of smartphone technology with the human body. We hope to bring you more on this project in the near future. But now we would like to share with you our most recent project, our comic remake of one of our favourite films of last year, The Dark Knight Rises.

Like our other humorous remake of a high profile release, The Dark Knight Rises was an entry to an online film competition. The annual Jameson Empire Done In Sixty Seconds competition encourages participants to condense any movie of their choosing into one measly minute, stripping out all but the essentials and have fun while they’re doing it. With attendance at the Empire Awards up for grabs, it has grown exponentially in recent years to become a worldwide contest. Every year since its inception we have meant to enter, and always been sidetracked. Our versions of The Golden Compass, The Damned United and a musical version of The Godfather never saw the light of day. So we were determined this year to conquer our competition demons and take on Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece in our own crazy style.

We did not mention it until now as after uploading the completed film it failed to appear online. We took this to mean we had missed the deadline by mere moments, and retreated to lick our wounds. Fortunately, it did make it under the wire, and whilst we learnt today it was unsuccessful in reaching the shortlist stage, we are very proud of it. Handmade batsuits, pratfalls and glove based face masks made The Dark Knight Rises extremely fun to work on, and with our growing familiarity with special effects programmes (developed through our forthcoming sci-fi short) we feel it is one of our strongest looking pieces to date.

So give it a view below! We hope it brings you as much enjoyment as making it brought us. Stay tuned for more film news from us very shortly, including our new sci fi and upcoming debut documentary!