Coming Soon…

We mentioned recently that we have been bustling with activity of late, despite our comparative silence. Whilst one of the projects we have been working so keenly on was unveiled last week, the other significant work that has commanded our attention is not ready to show the world just yet. But as we are very enthusiastic about the piece, and are sure you will be too, we wanted to share an image, as well as a little bit of information about, the forthcoming short. We call it HUMANITi.

HUMANITi is a science fiction short that imagines the integration of smartphone technology with the human body. Inspired by the work of cyborg anthropologist Amber Case, who theorizes that our interaction with smartphones and similar devices has turned us into “everyday cyborgs”, as well as the work of performance artist Stelarc, the film imagines a world where our bodies our fused with subcutaneous technology. In many ways it is our most ambitious project to date, utlising Adobe After Effects extensively for the first time (pre-dating its use in The Dark Knight Rises) as well as employing a theoretical underpinning not normally found in our work. It draws on debates about Posthumanism and Transhumanism, the work of influential SF novelist William Gibson and recent developments in wearable computing to create our most visually striking and ambiguous film yet. It deals with many questions about society’s frequent use of smartphones and computers, and extrapolates that to ask is such integration between man and machine desirable or abhorrent? Is it inevitable or only a possibility? And would such steps enhance our humanity or replace it, creating a new species altogether? We have been very excited by the project and have high hopes for it going forward. We cannot wait to share it with you in the near to distant future.

For now take a look at our Film projects currently online, starting with our most recent piece The Dark Knight Rises. Stay tuned for more news on HUMANITi and our other upcoming projects very shortly.