Being Frank: The Tree Of Life (2011) d Terrence Malick

This is the trailer to the Terrence Malick film The Tree Of Life. It tells the story of a man (Sean Penn) reminiscing about his upbringing, with his domineering father (Brad Pitt) and angelic mother (Jessica Chastain) The film deals with the concepts such as grace versus nature and grief; the protagonist’s brother dies young. I intended to look at the film due to its nostalgic tone, and the way it recreates memory with abstract images (wind stirring a curtain, the wings of a butterfly) However, when the piece began to move towards a sound piece rather than a film one, the sumptuous imagery I wished to recreate became less pertinent. In any case the focus on how to suggest memory and the process of recalling events long past still resonated with my attempt to record my granfather’s stories.