Being Frank: Unedited Interview Excerpts

These sound pieces are extracts from over one hour’s worth of interviews conducted with my grandfather Frank Poole. The pieces were recorded via dictaphone on 1st April 2013.

Initially my intention was to use the dictaphone recordings purely for research purposes. Whilst I knew one or two of my grandfather’s stories very well indeed, I wanted to be sure I knew what to ask him when it came time to put them on camera for the proposed film piece. But after reviewing the sound files, it seemed that due to the vivid detail in the tales and the warmth with which my grandfather told them, they would work just as effectively, if not more so, as purely sound pieces presented as part of an installation. Pushing myself and my practice more could yield interesting results, whilst staying true to the desire to record and celebrate a significant individual in my life and reflect my anxieties about his recent Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

The sound pieces below are presented in short clips from the main interview. They have been taken from the original sound file and broken down into individual stories, but otherwise unedited for speed or clarity. The narrative content of the pieces is very important to me, so I liked the idea of presenting them as audio short stories or vignettes. The pieces selected are the stories I find the most humorous or interesting. However, as I still wish to bring a more universal element into the project, something audiences unfamiliar with my grandfather can still enjoy and appreciate, I will engage an online audience to see which of the tales they respond to most, and then use that feedback to develop the stronger pieces further.