David Poole Winning The Inspire Birmingham 2014 Award for Arts & Culture, March 2014Studio 279 is the production banner of award winning writer, director and visual artist David Poole. His short films have been funded and broadcast by the BBC, screened at the BFI and premiered at BAFTA.

After winning the BBC Blast Comedy Bursary award 2008-9 and a BBC2 broadcast slot for his film “Sensitivity”, David was awarded £3000 to create an additional short for the BBC. Mentored by Micheal Jacob, Executive Producer of My Family, and utilising a professional cast and crew, “The Interviewee” was televised in November 2009 and was nominated for two Royal Television Society Midlands Awards in 2010 (Best Short Film, Best New Talent). His work has since been exhibited widely across the UK and at the Birmingham REP Theatre as part of the prestigious Grass Routes programme for young writers.

David has been selected for numerous training opportunities, including intensive talent labs run by Directors UK (Directors Lab, 2012) and the London Screenwriters’ Festival (Writing For Genre Features Advance Mentoring Lab, 2013). He was awarded the Inspire Birmingham 2014 Award for Art & Culture and most recently he participated in Talent Campus 2.0, an intensive screenwriting and career development course with industry mentoring run by the London Screenwriters’ Festival, and Foot Up, a professional development and mentoring programme run by The Producers’ Forum.

For more information on his video art installation practice, visit http://www.davidfpoole.com/



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