Promo Video

Opening Doors – CBRE (2016)

“Opening Doors” is a video projection artwork created by emerging Birmingham artists David Poole and Billy Plante, commissioned by CBRE in project collaboration with Birmingham School of Art.

Using the doorway as a motif, the video pulls viewers through a series of open doors, enabling them to explore unexpectedly unusual spaces beyond. On this journey, heritage doorways lead into modern offices, industrial shutters roll up to reveal libraries, small doors open onto larger spaces or even onto outer space. The work playfully responds to CBRE’s property portfolio, as well as some of the city’s most iconic buildings, such as Birmingham Cathedral, The Mailbox and The Library of Birmingham. The viewer is drawn in, their curiosity sparked by an artwork that, like the city itself, is open, accessible, welcoming and surprising, whilst, in the process, transforming their understanding of CBRE as a business.

For more information regarding the project, watch this short profile video featuring David, Billy Plante and other key figures involved in the project.

The Masterclass Experience (2014)

Promo video for The MasterClass Experience, a pre vocational training event for West Midlands dancers run by professional dancers and industry performers. The intensive programme provides aspiring dancers with the technical, performance and choreographic skills to increase confidence and encourage commitment, individuality and the desire to take their dance to the next level.

Freelance Directing Work

Colmore Square Enhancement – Vermillion Films (2014)

A video showing the enhancement of the Colmore Square public space in Birmingham city centre, a project completed by Colmore Business District. The video features interviews at the launch event for the square.

Spring Fashion Fix – Vermillion Films & 383 (2014)

A video to promote a spring fashion event taking place nationwide at Hammerson shopping malls, highlighting the available colour consultations and the new season’s trends in hair, makeup and fashion.

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